Why use School Psychology Tools for my observations?

Results are more accurate. No mis-counted tally marks, miscalculations or stopwatch mistakes.

It's more efficient and effective. Results are instantly calculated and charted, saving immense time and effort. Conduct spontaneous structured observations, since you never need to think about carrying around the correct data record forms with you. Email results to your team immediately upon completion.

Easy FBA. ​The ABC observation tool allows you to compile and analyze large amounts of observation data to see trends that would be nearly impossible with traditional paper and pencil forms.

Observation types supported:

  • Interval
  • Duration
  • Frequency
  • ABC direct observation


  • Observations tools custom­ designed for use by School Psychologists and Behavior Specialists.
  • Observe and report on multiple behaviors over multiple days.
  • Record peers for comparison.
  • Customize a template to avoid configuration steps and quickly begin an observation.
  • ABC, Duration and Frequency recordings have no limit on the number of behaviors you can observe without prior configuration, and without stopping the observation to customize your settings.
  • Quickly continue a previous observation session without any additional set­up.

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