Planning and Case Load Management

What can School Psychology Tools do to help me plan my professional life that my planner, spreadsheets, Evernote and Google calendar can’t?

School Psychology Tools has designed a unique “SmartPlan” feature to help streamline your workflow with initial evaluations, re­evaluations and your intervention process that can be used “out­ of ­the ­box” or easily customized to match common tasks you perform for each plan type.

Smart Plans are integrated with the Calendar, Notes and Student Info, greatly reducing the work the user must do to schedule events, track dates and stay aware of student progress. A​s a result of this integrated set of “all in one” planning tools, y​ou will eliminate redundancy, maximize efficiency and protect student privacy by avoiding multiple 3rd-party applications and paper trails of handwritten notes.

Built­-in Contact Logs make it easy to keep track of your counseling and assessment sessions, as well as your communications with parents. Print or email your logs to a supervisor or for your reference.

Smart Plans

A Smart Plan is a task list, much like a To­-Do List; however, Smart Plans contain special tasks that trigger automatic actions such as changing the status of a student (for example, from “Report Written” to “Meeting Scheduled”) and scheduling due dates for evaluations and re-evaluations based on your settings. For example, when “Obtain Consent” is checked off on your Plan, the Evaluation Due Date is automatically added to the Students screen, the Calendar, and the final task in your Plan (“Complete Evaluation”). By default, it is set to 60 days in the future (but this can be changed in Settings, and individual due dates can be adjusted).

Change the default length of time allowed for completing evaluations and the length of time between re-evaluations, depending on the laws of your country or your province or school's guidelines.

Save the common tasks you perform as a template for future plans.

Student Info

Always have with you the student data you need most, including DOB, grade, teacher, intervention specialist, parent's name, email addresses, phone numbers, disability and more.

Each student has a contact log on their Student Info page for easy documentation of your time spent with the student and your communications with parents. Contact Logs use a customizable drop­down list of frequent types of contact. For example, you can indicate that you had an Anger Management session that was also eligible for Medicaid billing. Create a Contact Log report and easily see all of your Medicaid eligible activities by date.

Track deadlines and other caseload information easily. Sort your students by name, evaluation due date, school, grade, or teacher.

Quickly see a student’s evaluation/intervention status.


Sync your School Psychology Tools calendar with your iOS calendar, and schedule events to repeat. Learn how in this video.

Manage events such as meetings and testing appointments.

View due dates and reminders for evaluations and re­evaluations.

Schedule re­evaluation due dates years in advance. The 3-­year due date (configurable in Settings) is automatically scheduled upon completion of your evaluation or re­evaluation Smart Plan.

To-Do Lists

Instead of jotting a message on a sticky note, put it in a To­-Do List and give yourself a deadline for following­ up, so you know it will appear on your calendar and get done.

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