It's simple to add professional charts, graphs or data tables, formatted appropriately for easy emailing, copying and pasting directly into n​early any document type with just the push of a button.

Create summary bar charts and line plots showing change over time, and include as many or as few observation sessions as you like.

Create reports to list your evaluations and contact logs.

Generate an interactive ABC report that computes probabilities for you. Now you can easily identify what conditions are maintaining problem behaviors.

Create an Evaluation Status Report that lists your ongoing Evaluations, Re-evaluations, and Interventions. Sort by Evaluation Type, Due Date, or Student Name. This report shows due dates, completion dates, and student status for your whole caseload.

Create a Contact Log Report showing your history of communication with parents and students, appropriate for sending to supervisors or for assisting you in tracking your Medicaid eligible activities.

Charts, graphs and data tables can be copy and pasted into documents like Word and Excel. Tables are produced in HTML format, which allows them to be opened without any special software, on any type of computer that has a web browser (like Internet Explorer). Similarly, the charts and graphs are in JPEG format, which can be pasted into most documents.

AirPrint-­enabled printers can print charts and tables directly from the app! (iOS only)

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